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The County Assembly Service Board:

  •   Is created by Section 12 of the County Governments Act, 2012, as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal
  • The County Assembly Service Board comprises four members – the Speaker who is also the Chair; the Majority and Minority Leaders and one Non-Member
  • The Secretary of the Service Board is the Clerk of the County Assemblyiv) Section 12, in addition to providing for the membership of the Service Board, also details the responsibilities of the Board

Responsibilities of the Assembly Service Board:

  1. Providing services and facilities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the County Assembly
  2. Preparing annual estimates of expenditure of the County Assembly Service and submitting them to the County Assembly for approval, and exercising budgetary control over the service
  3. Constituting offices in the County Assembly Service and appointing and supervising office holders
  4. Undertaking singly or jointly with other relevant organizations programs to promote the ideal of parliamentary democracy
  5. Performing other functions:
  6. Necessary for the well-being of members and staff of the County Assembly
  7. Prescribed by National Legislature
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